8 tracks – Quite Emo

Quite Emo – a playlist from my son

One of many great reasons to learn English is to be able to understand songs. My son once explained to me that every song is actually written three times. The first time is by the song writers, who composed their ideas into lyric. Then the lyric is re-written again by the performers, who gave a soul to the song through their performance. The third time is the most important one. The song is recreated by the listeners through their own interpretation. The same song will have different meanings tailored for each and every one of you. This is probably why music can touch so many lives, regardless of which language it was written in. People often don’t necessarily need to understand the words to like the song because they can still figure out its meaning through their imagination and personal experience.

Ofcourse it’s much better to understand the lyrics! So there you go, one more reason to learn English!

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