The limits of my language mean the limits of my world (​Ludwig Wittgenstein)

How many languages can you speak at the moment?

People say when they speak another language, they feel like they are different people.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world (​Ludwig Wittgenstein)

  1. bui gia huy says:

    Here some america idiom i have collected since grade 8 hope u enjoy this teacher
    The green light : star something
    The apple of my or he she or sb else : someone’s favorite person
    Baloney : nonsense
    Fishy not right or not hornest
    To go banana : to go crazy
    In a pickle :like very much
    Second nature :genius
    as a matter of fact :actually
    Go Dutch : pay by your own self
    to break the news : give clue to slove the problem
    to lose someone temper : make some one very angry
    in the black : have money
    in the red : ( i don’t know to express in english ) vnm mean đang nợ
    out of blue : supprise
    red tape: thủ tục phức tạp
    A white lie :
    harm less lie
    A big mouth : talkative
    By memory : remember with heart
    Have a sweet tooth : love eating candy, cake for ex
    Head over heels in love : fall in love
    pain in the neck : feel uncomfortable
    To pull some one leg : Troll some one
    shake a leg :hurry up

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  2. Thanks Huy,

    Over the years, I find the best way to understand idioms or phrases is to put them into context. One can do that by listening to music, watching TV shows or playing online games. People often forget that languages are extremely flexible and expanding over time. That means there are many ways to interpret phrases in English and their meanings can be different in places or a point in time. If language is highly adaptive, then so should we. Being adaptable means we should not limit ourself in hard-memorize every single vocabulary and grammar structures that we learned from school. I found English is much easier to when I don’t need to seek a direct one-to-one translation from English-Viet and vice versa. Because most of the time, you won’t be able to find a match. As long as you can understand what they’re saying, you are good to go.

    Some of idioms listed here are new to me, I’ll try to put them in sentences to provide some context :p

    My parents just gave me a green light to go to my friend’s birthday party!

    This is a complete baloney, no one would believe that aliens do exist.

    You won a 1 million lottery ticket? I smell something fishy here.

    After spending 10 years in Canada, English has become second nature to me. As a matter of fact, I find English is easier than Vietnamese now.

    I hate to break the news for you, but your wife is pregnant, please don’t lose your temper.

    To be continue :p


  3. bui gia huy says:

    Thank you very much for inspite me to english
    Pleas send this to your mother because she has inspited a lot of student
    she gave a lot knowlege for student to look further in learning english

    You have a wounderful mom


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